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Can't locate that puncture/parking/tea spot on your biking track?
Or are you looking for that exotic bikers tourist spot!
Worry not!

Enriching spots details

Update information about various spots you come across your rides!
Give feedback on various spots for others!

No Maps!

Dare the bikers spirit by exploring the spots on your own with just their existence near you!
You have been warned! ;-)

Loaded with features that help you when needed!

Introducing the features that makes you like the app more.

~1200 spots & counting

100+ generic spots,~50 parking spots,200+ puncture spots,700+ tea spots

Also for mo-Bikers!

Motorbikers can find useful spots like petrol pump/atms apart from the regular ones!

Exclusive India launch!

Covering 25+ states & UT!

Generic Tourist spots

For the leisure biker, get access to spots that are of bikers interest!


Pingback your location to your loved ones,automagically!

Easy & Intuitive UI

Minimal hassle screens to get to the desired spot, when lost!

  • Maps Are Boring
    Bike Assist
  • Buckle up & paddle on!
    Bike Assist
  • Feel the breeze & enjoy the view!
    Bike Assist
  • Be the local extrovert!
    Bike Assist
  • Anyone can visit a new place all the times, but it takes a bikers spirit to discover something new on the same trail all-the-times!
    Bike Assist
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  • With basic features
  • + Show features
    • Search Nearest Spot in One kilometer
    • Search More Spots in Two kilometers
    • Three results per Spot type
    • Add a new Spot
    • Update about a Spot
    • Share feedback about a Spot
    • Heartbeat
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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions that will be commonly asked & we would have them answered at one place!
  • The word Bike is misleading!
    You assume the motorbike to be a bike! Alas, thats not the case! We don't dislike motobikers(no really!), its just that they bother mother nature a bit!Stay tuned for some deals for motobikers! :-)
  • Whats with the price?
    We need to be up and running 24x7 with the backend! Plus UI pains are worth encashing!! :-D Further, App store takes 30% of the amount we charge! We rest our case!!
  • Why India only launch?
    We have the backend ready with 25 Indian states.We are relying on peddle-sourcing for needs elsewhere.These bike-cha-ristics are unique to India, others may follow suite!
  • Whats the motivation of this app?
    0530 hrs, you are on your bike and you are enjoying a cup of tea in Delhi winters on-road!! This is where it all started!

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